I design 🕹 Playful. 📱 Mobile. 🎁 Products.

I believe people achieve meaning by creating but not consuming. I believe people who create are optimistic, since creators have to pre-visualize their success. Thus, if work is to become play then tools must become toys.

<aside> 💡 I am an "Alien of Extraordinary Ability" https://www.uscis.gov/working-in-the-united-states/temporary-workers/o-1-visa-individuals-with-extraordinary-ability-or-achievement


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🤔 Me thinking about the next idea.

🤔 Me thinking about the next idea.

XKey - a social iOS keyboard app.

creator, product designer

XKey is a keyboard app, containing a series of Decks with multiple phrases. When the user hits the Deck button, the keyboard will send one phrase randomly from the Deck, just like drawing a card and send it instantly. Users can customize Decks and publish them so everyone can download and use them. XKey gives users space to not just cramped plain texts into a Deck but combination and format of emojis to create pixel art.

Tiktok has changed the way how people explore apps. It is now becoming the No.1 platform of marketing small apps to the niche, teenager market. XKey is our experiment on explaining its complex and almost "weird" usage, especially a keyboard app, through not the App Store page but Tiktok videos.

‎XKey - Social Paste Keyboard


Brush - create, share & download iOS icons, widgets & themes.

creator, product designer

With iOS14's update with widget functionality and to use Shortcut to replace app icons, people are crazy about making revamped iPhone themes. Brush was made based on it and enables normal users who never touched fingers on design tools like photoshop, figma or sketch, to actually design their own icons, widget, wallpaper and entire themes. Afterwards, by using web clip, Brush can export those graphical designs into actually usable icons and widgets seamlessly, without manually setting up Shortcuts.

‎Brush - Home Screen Maker

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